The hard-rock trio, Trident, set tour dates to support the release of their first full album ADVANCE GENERATION out on March 17.

Anyone in Japan may catch a performance from the dates set below between March and April this year. Unfortunately, no events are yet available for live streaming. Nevertheless, get a feel for the power pact group on stage with their recent music video, Last Hope.

The Last Hope music video is the third consecutive weekly live music video upload to TRiDENT’s YouTube channel, with Ambivalent and RIDE ON uploaded in previous weeks. And expect more heart-pounding songs from ADVANCE GENERATION when it’s released next month!


Date Time (JST) Venue Tickets
March 28 18:00 ROCKTOWN ePlus
April 4 18:00 CLUB RIVERST ePlus
April 11 18:00 LIVE HOUSE Queblick ePlus
April 16 19:00 Electric Lady Land ePlus
April 28 19:00 TSUTAYA O-WEST ePlus
To be announced
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