Ryo has added English subtitles to all of his educational studio videos on YouTube.

Besides sharing cover songs on YouTube, Ryo, the former girugamesh drummer, has also started to become more active in creating educational videos with him in the studio. As of lately, all five of them have received English subtitles in order to allow more people to take part and learning from the master himself!

This surprising turn of event comes just a day after Ryo noticed and shared via Twitter our translated coverage of his home studio video. While we can’t confidently say this was the reason for the spurt, we do hope our coverage along with the comments you—the readers—left helped display that people from overseas are interested in Ryo’s content.

Additionally, in case you didn’t know, Ryo’s English is actually really good as we discovered back when interviewing him and the band (girugamesh) at their final European tour.

Find all of the videos with English subtitles below.

Cover song “DIR EN GREY – ZAN” track making at the home studio

The process of recording the DIR EN GREY cover song ZAN in his home studio.

Trying to build my own subkick

A DIY (Do-It-Yourself) tutorial on how to create a subkick to replicate the discontinued one sold by YAMAHA. Ryo later uses this subkick in his playthrough of the girugamesh song Drain.

Get Good Drums Matt Halpern signature pack review

A review of “Get Good Drums”, a virtual instrument plugin that is gaining more popularity among metal musicians these days.

Introducing the house studio of a professional musician

A home studio room tour where Ryo showcases the equipment he uses on a daily basis.

Sneakpeak of professional drum recording feat. SORA from DEZERT at CPR Studio

Ryo helps out in setting up the recording session for drummer SORA of DEZERT.

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