CHOKE is closing out this year with one last single, Hack to the basic—available since December 25. The band’s recent set of releases have had a strong focus on life as we have come to know it now. We are all too aware of the changes to our everyday lives due to COVID-19. CHOKE looks at this and, yet again, brings a positive message. No matter the change to our lifestyle, we’ll reinvent and continue the march forward. Catch a glimpse of the trailer below.

As is the current tradition with CHOKE, the single is available from its webshop from the time of the announcement, December 25. The release will feature four tracks with three tracks being exclusive to the webshop version of the single.

  1. Hack to the basic
  2. Stayhigh(ReTAKE)
  3. Hack to the basic-Instrumental-
  4. Stayhigh(ReTAKE)-Instrumental-
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