The collaboration project by fashion company Comme des Garçons and SWITCH magazine “People of the Year” has just dropped their collection on November 28. Featuring front-man Ichiro Yamaguchi from Sakanaction amongst the lineup of other great creatives and athletes selected this year—we can now see the designs for the long staff coat and tote bag dedicated to the frontman of the experimental rock band.

The long button-down staff coat is highlighted with pastel blue pinstripe sleeves, reworked from the original coat which Ichiro wears in Tabun, Kaze. Both the coat and tote bag are printed with “Sugar & Sugar” in a script on the front and carries a large QR code graphic on the back. Scanning this reveals a mysterious YouTube video titled “Sugar & Sugar”, uploaded by a user called “Sugar & Sugar” with just one video on their account.

According to the SWITCH store description, this half-hour-long track was by Ichiro and is a compilation of psychedelic electronic tracks that is chock full of synths and phasers and matched with rolling oil on water visuals. It is trippy and could be quite a difficult listen for those not accustomed to “noise as music”, but leading up to the 20-minute mark you’ll spot the underlying rhythm and classic deep jungle vibe bass found in classic Sakanaction tracks.

After solving that mystery, we can dust ourselves off and come back to reality. If you’re looking to purchase these limited items, the coat is priced at 47,300 yen and the tote bag can be yours for 31,900 yen. This collection is available to purchase until the end of 2020 at Comme des Garçons stores in Japan, DOVER STREET MARKET, and the SWITCH online store.

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