RAZOR will release the single Nemurenu Aztec on November 4, a bright and bittersweet ballad with a piano-focused composition that still keeps the heavy guitar chugs intact. Conveying the ballad visually is a graceful music video that has just been released, taking us along an emotional ride with the members’ elegant moves.

The description of the song states that although the word Aztec conjures up images of long-gone legends, you can also find real human emotions that exist within that. The music and the lyrics of this creation, Nemurenu Aztec, opens up a whole new door, a song which brightly illuminates the RAZOR of the future.

眠れぬアステカ MV

It’s difficult to compare it to anything they’ve previously released so it’s refreshing to hear. Filmed against a plain light background, the band performs the song in a controlled manner as opposed to their more lively or chaotic songs where they’re more animated.

Nemurenu Aztec is available in editions Type A, and Type B, with a total of three new tracks. As seen in the preview of the single, it presents an intriguing selection of songs that covers both heavier tracks than the title-track.


Moukou hits hard and has two differing growls alongside screams before striping back for a chill guitar accompaniment. Then there’s DISRESPECT, the third track on Type B, that has Ryoga’s strange vocals dominating most of the preview with heavy instrumentation.

The band’s look has a major focus on blazers and fashionable epaulets ranging from big and small, long and short, with a black and gold color scheme.

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  1. Nemurenu Aztec
  2. Moukou
  1. Nemurenu Aztec Music Video
    眠れぬアステカ Music Video
  1. Nemurenu Aztec
  2. Moukou
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