On the day of mafumafu’s birthday, October 18, a new song Hitomodoki was released with an accompanying music video. This was really interesting in several ways, for instance, it is the first music video mafumafu has directed, not only that, but he also decided to do a face reveal here!

Even after mafumafu went beyond being an utaite (vocal cover artist), as a signed artist, he still kept his face well hidden. While we’re sure dedicated fans have since a long time ago already seen what is behind the mask, it is however the first time we’ve seen such a bold move from him to go “all-in” for the face reveal.

In the music video for Hitomodoki, we can see mafumafu without any type of censoring and this has allowed him to clearly express himself for the mellow song.


Despite how fans are really excited about the move, the artist himself is still a bit reluctant.

I’m really pleased that I’ve been able to bring what I imagined into visual form like this. There were certain things I wanted to create in terms of the scene, and it was difficult to bring them all together and keep it consistent. You can really feel the effort and skill put into it by those involved.

Even now, I don’t really want to show my face. However, when it comes to expressing myself clearly, it’s difficult to do so without showing my face, and I felt like that was limiting my creative work. Of course, I was nervous about it but now felt like a good time to go for it, and we were able to make something like what we have here.

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