Modern jazz-rock instrumental band “fox capture plan” is ready to deliver its eight full album Discovery next month on November 4. Besides remixes and re-recordings of previous singles, along with the band’s great anime songs, we can expect a beautiful interpretation of Linkin Park’s hit track Numb.

Discovery is fox capture plan’s first album in two years, since the release of album CAPTURISUM. Previous singles such as NEW ERA, and Yakankouru are brought back to life and will join the album with their remix and re-rerecording renditions.

The band will throw in some delightful anime songs as well, also all remixed and re-recorded, like the tie-in piece Precious My Heroes from mystery anime “Stand My Heroes: Piece of Truth“. Even better, we’ll find the amazing and soothing work Fukashigi no Karte included, which is the ending theme song of the popular comedy romance anime “Seishun Buta Yarou wa Bunny Girl Senpai no Yume wo Minai“. We featured this song on our top 2018 anisong picks and without a doubt, it’s still amazing to this day.

One of the songs that stand out to most people might be the Linkin Park cover of Numb. This piece comes with an instrumental arrangement and as with many of the band’s work, it’s a soft and tender touch to the eardrums. The remorseful and dynamic character of the original song is still kept intact but it brings out more of the delicate and elegant aspect of Numb. Unfortunately, there is no preview of the track yet, although we had an early listen to the album so you’ll just have to take our word for it.

Currently, the opening track Into the Spiral has received an advanced release on September 23, but there is an additional planned music video for the second song PRDR in the works. We do however already have a music video of the calming and upbeat song NEW ERA, although, this rendition was released in conjunction with its single release from last year:

Each of the band members shared their thoughts on the album. We’ve extracted parts of their messages below, but check out the video—which is fully subtitled—to get the full picture!

Pianist Ryo Kishimoto

It’s meaningless if we don’t create songs that are far different from songs with vocals. This idea has become even stronger throughout the production.

Drummer Tsukasa Inoue

It’s the first time for us to release an album with a two-year gap, so I wanted to make a strong impact with it.

Bassist Hidehiro Kawai

The flavor for this album will be quite different from our former albums, so I want each household to buy at least three copies! One to listen, one for keeps, and one for propagation. Thanks!

Lastly, fox capture plan is planning an in-person release live show “DISCOVERY Release Live” on November 19, for more details and ticket info, visit eplus.


  1. Into the Spiral
    Into the Spiral
  2. PRDR
  3. Spread Out
    Spread Out
  4. Discovery the New World
    Discovery the New World
  5. Sprinter
  6. Narrow Edge
    Narrow Edge
  7. NEW ERA
  8. Yakankouru
  9. Stand My Heroes
    Stand My Heroes
  10. Numb (Linkin Park)
    Numb (LINKIN PARK)
  11. Fukashigi no Karte
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