In celebration of our 5th anniversary, J-Rock Chibi kindly sponsored five amazing prizes, and today we’re ready to announce the five lucky winners! Our phones exploded with notifications when we first announced this giveaway, so we know that you’re all eager to get your hands on these adorable prizes. And so, without further ado, here are the winners!


Super mystery box – @grgi0_0 on Instagram

DADAROMA keychains set and badge set – Aleena Foster on Facebook

DEVILOOF group keychain and badge set – @neztanizakii on Instagram

DIR EN GREY standee set – @YukaCos on Twitter

JILUKA keychain set Herrn Einspruch on Facebook

Congratulations to all our winners and a big thank you to J-Rock Chibis for always supporting us! For those who didn’t win, we’re grateful for your participation, so thanks for taking part.

Winners of the competition please contact us through the relevant social media channels via your account, and we’ll give you further information on how to receive your prize. Please message within three days or the prize(s) will be assigned to different winners as per our giveaway terms and conditions.

More info:
J-Rock Chibis Online Store

J-Rock Chibis Website

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