For BUCK-TICK, September 21 is a pinnacle date with its debut anniversary falling upon it every year. This will be the band’s 33rd anniversary, celebrating with a new album ABRACADABRA, and a no-audience livestream titled “ABRACADABRA LIVE ON THE NET“—both on the very same day. Better yet, it’s BUCK-TICK’s livestream and it is available worldwide! 

BUCK-TICK is renowned for its quality in live performance and has shown a preference for presenting music in this form. To maintain a regular live schedule, it is essential that they adopt new ways of performing to a live audience as the music industry tries to reel back some form of normalcy in this world. Thus, in a growing trend and possible normal future, BUCK-TICK has joined the growing list of artists choosing to livestream shows.

There’s not many things that BUCK-TICK hasn’t done in their three-decade-long career, and surprisingly a no-audience live broadcast isn’t one of them. In 1991 the band made a rather cutting edge move with the recording of a no-audience full-length concert that was broadcasted through a cable channel on a pay-per-view basis—a rather new concept relative to the times. Although the upcoming live will be similar in concept, we thankfully do not have to rely on one cable television channel but instead, have the freedom of choice through multiple online streaming services.

Making this livestream a unique experience, alongside the live performance, a special interview with the band members will also be delivered.


  • Platform availability: FanStream, niconico, ZAIKO
  • Tickets: 5,000 yen (general public)
  • Date: September 21
  • Open: Varies depending on the platform.
  • Time: 19:00–22:00
  • Viewing window: September 21, 19:00 JST to September 28, 22:00 JST.
  • Archive available for viewing for overseas fans in different time zones.
  • Tickets will be available until September 28, 21:00 JST.
  • Full details for each platform can be found here

However unfortunate some might view the situation of a no-audience live performance, for many overseas BUCK-TICK fans this is an opportunity that they would otherwise never experience. For many of these fans, they will be experiencing a first-time live performance of BUCK-TICK’s.

Although overseas fans haven’t failed to count their blessings, nothing comes easy. Overseas fans have limited options when it comes to choosing ticket type and streaming platform, with only regular type tickets on niconico, and Zaiko available. Not only that, overseas fans who subscribe to the official fan club FISH TANK or mobile fanclub LOVE & MEDIA PORTABLE, are unable to reap the same benefits as Japanese members, such as goods and discounts.

FISH TANK and LOVE & MEDIA PORTABLE members only Fanstream limited goods

Fanclub members abroad are however ensuring their misfortune is recognized by the fanclub management through email and social media, in hopes that these restrictions can be remedied in time for the broadcast near the end of the month. For now though, we can rest easy knowing that there is still an option for international fans to view the livestream.

Added fortune is that the streaming platforms niconico, and Zaiko (which is available in English, Japanese, Chinese, and Korean), accept multiple payment types and are very easy to navigate—making it friendly for non-Japanese speakers and first-time streamers! So don’t hesitate and experience the live show of BUCK-TICK!

We’ll be attending the show, will you?

Update 2020-09-05: Updated for clarification regarding the “first-ever livestream” to “first-ever no-audience livestream performance”, according to the special BUCK-TICK “ABRACADABRA LIVE ON THE NET” website.

Update 2020-09-12: Updated livestream information such as archive viewing details, language support, information on special interview.

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