Even though Arlequin released the album The laughing man just a couple of weeks ago, the band already has a new single out titled Toki wo Tsumugu Uta.

The song debuted during their Cinematic Circus#002 -Akatsuki- performance on August 30, hosted on online streaming platform ZAIKO. It was then released digitally that same day alongside its breathtaking music video.

ΛrlequiΩ「刻ヲ紡グ唄」switch out for MV

The beginning of the performance starts in the dark early morning, where a single light shone on the members and focused mainly on close-ups. As vocalist Aki excitedly jumped up and down, hyping himself up, the song reveals itself as a playful and magical rock number. As the sun peeks over the horizon, the heartfelt chorus shines through as the band is filmed from above via a drone. The overhead and aerial shots showed off the endlessly deep blue shoreline with crashing waves made the experience eerie, breathtaking, and immersive.

Arlequin serves dizzying heights with fantastic sights.

The Toki wo Tsumugu Uta music video was shot in the second part of the Cinematic Circus series, the first being Cinematic Circus#001 where they filmed a live version of Qualia to document the experience on July 21.

If you missed the first two Cinematic Circus shows, Arlequin will hold a two-day live performance titled Cinematic Circus#003 -Tomoshibi- on September 26 and 27 on ZAIKO. More details have yet to be released but you can see the trailer of it below.

「シネマティックサーカス#003 -灯火-」2days TEASER

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