Desperately struggling with your guitar during lockdown? No problem, Sena from JILUKA heard your scream of pain and recently shared a video on his YouTube channel, dubbing the video “The basic guitar practice routine of a visual kei metal guitarist”. Through five “simple and easy to remember” exercises, Sena will improve your guitar play!

In the video—which comes with English subtitles—Sena will give you a plethora of advice and general tips in order to improve your accuracy, or even your hand synchronization, while avoiding complicated routine that even he can’t stand.

According to Sena, “If you do this for a week or two. You will start to see the result. You won’t believe how easily you can play guitar”. Give it a try!

V系メタルギタリストの基礎練習法-Basic Guitar Practice Routine-

The pink-haired artist even compares his last exercise to muscle training, and guarantees that focusing on your little finger’s strength for a week or two will provide results to such an extent that you will be amazed by how light your hand will feel and how different the sound will come out!

Following Sena-sensei’s words, we’re sure you’ll become a guitar master yourself in no time. And in case you missed, we just conducted an interview with JILUKA, celebrating its fifth anniversary. Make sure to give it a read!

Guitarist Sena of JILUKA

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