Karma, vocalist and sole member of RANDS, has launched a new brand labeled Els Quatre Gats on July 6. The singer even created a new Facebook page to show off the clothing and accessories on offer, all of which showcase his very own artwork.

At the Els Quatre Gats webpage, you’ll find T-shirts, baseball caps, bucket hats, a fanny pack, and a tote bag. Among those items also are some funky lookin’ postcards plainly illustrated on white paper with black ink. Now, before you go reaching for your wallets, you should know that there’s only one of each item for sale. Here’s what remains at the time of writing, and some of the sold items toward the bottom:

It is a brand that is far from art, aiming to commercialize and sell it — Karma

Coming back to the brand name, Els Quatre Gats, which translates to “The Four Cats,” is inspired by the cafe of the same name that sits in Barcelona (Catalonia), Spain. It was once a popular meeting place for some of the most prominent modernist figures, such as Santiago Rusiñol, Pablo Picasso, and Ramon Casas. By now, it’s no secret that Karma draws inspiration from modernist artists. He’s even named the singles “Leda Atomica” and “Soft Construction with Boiled Beans” after paintings by the surrealist artist Salvador Dalí.

If you’ve got a hundred dollars burning through your pocket faster than his merch is selling, why not rid yourself of it to own this one of a kind art? Orders can be placed on Instagram, Facebook, or RANDS’ official website.

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