RANDS is putting forth their third single, Yudeta Ingenmame no Aru Yawarakai Kouzou, on May 11! The promotional previews are out, and in them, we can hear samples and covers of rock classics from the West. They’ve also released the artwork and tracklist, however, it’s not available for preorder just yet.

RANDS have previously incorporated the style of 90’s visual kei into their sound. For this single, they’ve not only received influences from their native Japan but from the US, as heard in the preview of the title-track which samples the main riff from Nirvana’s hit Smells Like Teen Spirit:

The first track of the single 21st Seiki Shounen appears to be a cover of 20th Century Boy released in 1973 by English band T.Rex:

The title of the single, which translates to “Soft Construction with Boiled Beans”, is named after a famous painting by Spanish surrealist artist, Salvador Dalí. For the second time, they’ve chosen to name a single after Dalí’s work, as their first single shares its name with another one of his famous paintings, Leda Atomica.

The band’s new look has also been revealed showing the members near an entrance to Shibuya station. Vocalist Karma can be seen leaning on the bronze statue of loyal dog Hachiko.

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  1. 21st Seiki Shounen
  2. Yudeta Ingenmame no Aru Yawarakai Kouzou
  3. Banshou
  4. Bedlam wa Yuenchi