Hatsune Miku Tap Wonder is a new clicker style game available on Android and iOS brought to you by Ateam and Crypton Future Media, where you work up the crowd at Miku’s live performances to progress!


Gameplay is simple—just tap the screen to get the crowd going and increase your Voltage meter. Every time the meter is fully filled up, you will transition to the next stage which requires even more Voltage. By leveling up Miku—your character—each tap will produce more Voltage, consequently making it easier to move onto the next stage.

In case you never played a clicker style game before, these games are essentially endless. Some might think this aspect is unappealing, but for a lot of people, this is actually a big part of the appeal—of course, we can’t disregard Miku being the main attraction here!

How to play Hatsune Miku Tap Wonder (pre-release)

Visuals and music

Not only can you make Miku dance by tapping, but you can also earn lots of cute outfits, headsets, and hand accessories to boost your earning stats—there’s even a selection of cute pets! Though I haven’t unlocked them personally, there are modules specially designed for Tap Wonder which look absolutely amazing—it wouldn’t be a game featuring Miku without also featuring some of the wide range of costume designs.

Miku in different outfits and accessories.

I love that the crowd grows larger as you get further, waving their light sticks to show support and adding some additional movement to the screen. The constantly changing backgrounds also add a nice visual flair, and prevent the scenery from getting stale—the palettes are bright and colorful, with themes like sea life aquarium, and space.

It’s also a great excuse to spend hours listening to Hatsune Miku music which is constantly being played in the background. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to select the specific song you want to listen to as it auto-shuffles.

By far my favorite aspect of the game is the figurines—earning more in-game currency unlocks figurines of the other Vocaloid characters which join you on stage. You begin with the basic outfits for each of them, but the further you get, the more looks you unlock—as a Megurine Luka fan, I’m really looking forward to finding out what other tiny Luka modules are waiting in the higher stages!

Game progression

Much like other clicker titles, these figurines are here to help you increase your Voltage meter even when you’re not personally tapping. Of course, it’s still more effective to tap but thanks to this system you’re able to progress even when the game is closed. Additionally, there are abilities such as “Hold Tone”, which automatically taps at the fastest speed possible when your finger is on the screen—this makes progress a breeze.

The tapping doesn’t feel tedious initially but, once the amount of Voltage to pass a “Super Concert” required ramps up, it becomes nigh on impossible to tap fast enough. Thankfully, the “Re Stage” mechanic exists—this reset speeds up your initial progress and allows you to get further than before. It also means you will efficiently generate more Voltage and thus have to tap less!

For those interested in where they stand, there’s also a ranking system, which shows you where you stand globally and within your selected language on an “All Time” and “Weekly” scale.


If you are looking for a rhythm game, Tap Wonder isn’t going to meet those requirements but if you’re a fan of clicker games, this will be a great addition to your day.

You don’t need to tap in any particular rhythm to play, which allows you to collect and enjoy Miku’s various outfits and the background music without fear! The music library may be small, but the tracks are upbeat and cheerful.

If you’re looking for a challenge and a wider catalog of songs, perhaps the upcoming mobile game Project Sekai Colorful Stage will pique your interest, but if you’re looking for something cute and casual, then Tap Wonder has you covered.

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