It’s only been a few days since we wrote about SCANDAL’s new digital single and we have more good news as drummer Rina has started a vlog channel on YouTube.

With an adorable name, “tiny channel by rina“—reflective of the homely and crafty day-to-day things she will be posting, it is by no means a small channel as it has almost 12,000 subscribers at the time of writing in just two days. In her first video, she makes a trendy hodgepodge art piece out of magazine cutouts.

I’ve started my own YouTube channel! Through my videos, I’d like to share some of my daily life experiences. Even if it’s only a little, I hope this will bring you some joy! — Rina

It’s almost as though she is sitting opposite us in the living room and there is a comforting feeling that someone is quietly keeping us company.

If you would like to follow Rina’s crafty instructions on how to make your own magazine collage, you’ll only need some basic tools and materials! A sheet of paper, scissors, some glue of any type (usually PVA or glue stick), and magazine you plan to throw out. You can even use newspapers or leaflets. If you have time to make a collage, please show us your magazine art by tagging us on Instagram or Twitter!

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