The unique concept of “kawaii metal” is something that started spreading with the inception of BABYMETAL. Combining the cute with the contrasting metal has proven to be quite a successful idea, enough so to sell out the majority of their shows in Europe at the METAL GALAXY WORLD TOUR!

Naturally, as fans of BABYMETAL ourselves, we made sure to attend the tour and headed to the first show located in Stockholm, Sweden. On spot, we met lots of friendly and talkative fans who were happy to share their view regarding BABYMETAL and their experiences surrounding them. We met people from all around the world across a wide age spectrum.

Despite there being many idol groups who are now catching on with similar concepts, what makes BABYMETAL extra special is that their fanbase is so widespread, successfully bringing people with different backgrounds together.

Before we continue, let us first clarify that the questions asked were not intended to mock any of the fans, but to allow them to express why BABYMETAL is so great and is nothing to be ashamed of. Through the voices of the fans, we hope people will get a better understanding of why BABYMETAL is so well-loved.

Johan (59) 🇸🇪

Why do you like BABYMETAL?

Oh! It was the first Japanese metal band that I discovered and I thought they were very energetic and cheerful. I’m also very impressed by their dance performance on stage!

What bands do you normally listen to?

Necronomidol, BAND-MAID, Mary’s Blood, BRIDEAR, and FATE GEAR.

Did you start with BABYMETAL and later discovered the other Japanese bands?

That’s right. I went from BABYMETAL, then BAND-MAID, and then “ka-boom”! It just exploded from there and opened a rabbit hole. The rabbit hole is quite wide too, there’s almost an infinite amount to discover down there.

From the perspective of the general public, you’re looking at three young girls dancing on stage. Do you feel weird about it sometimes?

Frankly speaking, I do sometimes [laughs]. But normally, I wouldn’t call them “girls”, I prefer referring to them as “artists”, because that’s what they are. Despite them starting out at a young age, they were still giving performances the way any other professional artist would. It’s evident that the band members put a lot of time rehearsing and singing, as such, I only think it is fair to see them as professionals in the field. But I also realize that I tend to prefer female-fronted metal bands in general, that’s just how it is.


Hours before the show started.

Tomi (34) 🇫🇮

Why do you like BABYMETAL?

That’s a hard question. I’ve been following them since the beginning. I liked their song Doki Doki morning, back when I discovered it, I was like “wow”. This was my first encounter with this type of music, before that, I was only familiar with the standard metal.

What bands do you normally listen to?

Arch Enemy, Metallica, all those typical ones.

Does that mean BABYMETAL is the only Japanese band you listen to?

I think so… Actually, no. I also listen to LADYBABY. Both are “BABY” bands [laughs].

Would you be embarrassed telling people you listen to BABYMETAL?

No, because they wouldn’t know what it is in the first place. So I can’t really tell them what I’m listening to. Maybe if they Google it later they will ask me what it is. I wouldn’t be embarrassed showing a video of BABYMETAL to my co-workers [laughs], but for any other cases, it depends on who it is.

What about your parents?

I’ve shown them but they don’t care, so whatever [laughs].

A BABYMETAL fan holding a rare Sakura Gakuin flag and Doki Doki Morning towel.

Linn (17) 🇸🇪

Why do you like BABYMETAL?

Because they combine the best of both worlds. The metal in it is enhanced by the “kawaii” from Jpop. They’ve done it in a very creative way and I really like that.

What bands do you normally listen to?

A handful of emo bands like My Chemical Romance, just regular rock bands [laughs], and some Kpop like BTS or Red Velvet.

How would you define “kawaii metal”?

It’s a fusion between Japanese idol pop and metal. So in terms of idol pop, maybe something like AKB48? I’m not really that much into idol pop besides BABYMETAL, so I’m not completely sure.

What do your parents think about BABYMETAL?

They like their more toned-down kind of songs such as THE ONE, or Shine, those that aren’t too eccentric or overly kawaii [laughs].

Linn cosplaying as a member of BABYMETAL.

Book (55) 🇯🇵

Why do you like BABYMETAL?

Ah… That’s really difficult to answer. Well, they’re cute, they’re kawaii, and also very interesting and fun in general.

What bands do you normally listen to?

While I listen to other kinds of music, BABYMETAL is the only band I actually follow and watch performances of. Otherwise, I would mainly listen to anisong like LiSA, I really like her music. Aimyon’s music is really great too.

Lastly, what is “kawaii metal”?

That’s simple, BABYMETAL!

With a capacity of 1,400, the show was completely sold-out while demand was still high.

Sebastian (37) 🇸🇪

Why do you like BABYMETAL?

I randomly stumbled upon one of their viral videos Gimme Chocolate !! about three years ago and since then, I haven’t been able to get their music out of my head. From that point, I’ve kept following the band and everything they’ve released has been excellent! Especially their fantastic stage performance, it’s completely on another level. Way different from any other band I’ve encountered.

What bands do you normally listen to?

Sabaton, Pink Floyd, not much metal to be honest. I actually don’t listen to any other Japanese band either. This really is an exception for me.

Does your mom know you listen to BABYMETAL?

She does… But she rolls her eyes every time. However, I’ve shown BABYMETAL to other people like my colleagues and I’ve already successfully converted one to the cult!

VIP “The Chosen One” goodie bag: gymsack, wristband, VIP pass with black strap, and a logo patch.

Alva (16), Therese (21) 🇸🇪

Why do you like BABYMETAL?

Therese: Because they’re unique! It’s not only that they’re cute and dressed in dresses, but the music is really good along with the performance they offer. They stand out among the metal genre, typically you would think men, long hair, beard, but with BABYMETAL, it’s “cute metal”.

Alva: I pretty much feel the same, it’s a lot more fun to watch and listen to because it’s different from what we’re used to.

What bands do you normally listen to?

Therese: Rammstein, Five Finger Death Punch, as well as some classic metal and rock bands.

Alva: Rammstein, mainly just them.

Would you be able to tell your parents that you listen to BABYMETAL without being embarrassed?

Therese, Alva: Yes! Of course!

Therese: I’ve already shown it to my parents and my dad really likes it, but my mom isn’t really into metal, but my dad thinks they’re good!

How about showing it to your co-workers?

Therese: Absolutely, I’ve already done that many times!

From our very unscientific research, it seems like the fans were much more open to the idea of sharing BABYMETAL’s videos and music than we first anticipated. We also found out that the majority of the fans have BABYMETAL as an exception to the typical artists they follow, whether it is that they don’t listen to metal that much, or simply that they don’t listen to Japanese music at all. The latter was quite surprising to us.

What about you? Why do you like BABYMETAL (or dislike)? Tell us in the comment section!

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