Queen Bee (also known as Ziyoou-vachi) is hot on the trail with another album titled BL after their album Ten reached number one on iTunes Japan last year. At the time of writing, their music video has just hit two million views! Let’s take a look.

女王蜂 『BL』Official MV

With vocalist Avu whizzing around on roller skates from table to table to serve rabbit men in suits, the story follows the bandmates who grow tired of how the bunny customer treats their waitress friend. The video is fairly conceptual from the underwater scenes to the coin throwing, and the story, as well as the costumes, are well thought out.

Released on February 19, this album is available on most major streaming services for you to enjoy. The leading track of the album also titled BL is the theme for TV drama Juu no Himitsu (10の秘密) that started airing just last month. This series follows the story of a single father who uncovers secrets about this ex-wife in order to find his 14-year-old daughter.

Coming back to Queen Bee, vocalist Avu recently appeared on YouTube channel THE FIRST TAKE to perform an acoustic version of Kaen which sends chills up our spines with their vocal warmup. For anime fans, this track was used for the theme for the action supernatural anime Dororo as well! Compare the acoustic version with the studio recording.

女王蜂 - 火炎 / THE FIRST TAKE

女王蜂 『火炎(FIRE)』Official MV

The album is available in three versions and we’re curious as to why they’ve changed the tracklist order for each of the three versions of this release. What do you think of Queen Bee and BL? Let us know in the comments below.


Regular edition


  1. CRY
  2. P R I D E
  3. HBD (off vocal ver.)
  4. BL (off vocal ver.)
  5. Reversal Dancing (傾城大黒舞) (off vocal ver.)
  6. Suicide Dating (心中デイト) (off vocal ver.)
  7. Horse and Fly (虻と蜂) (L ver.) (off vocal ver.)
  8. Mastermind (黒幕) (off vocal ver.)
  9. CRY (off vocal ver.)
  10. P R I D E (off vocal ver.)

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Limited edition rose


  1. CRY
  2. HBD
  3. BL
  4. P R I D E
  5. Reversal Dancing (傾城大黒舞)
  6. Suicide Dating (心中デイト)
  7. Horse and Fly (虻と蜂) (B ver.)
  8. Mastermind (黒幕)


  •  88-page deluxe visual book
  • Cover artwork and contents of the visual book are different from lily edition

Buy at CDJapan, Sony Music shop and HMV

Limited edition lily


  1. HBD
  2. BL
  3. PRIDE
  4. Reversal Dancing (傾城大黒舞)
  5. Suicide Dating (心中デイト)
  6. Horse and Fly (虻と蜂) (B ver.)
  7. Mastermind (黒幕)
  8. CRY


  • 88-page deluxe visual book
  • Cover artwork and contents of the visual book are different from rose edition

Buy at CDJapan, Sony Music shop and HMV

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