A new visual kei band named XANVALA emerges from the ashes of FIXER. The band has now released a music video for their upcoming single CREEPER which is coming out on March 9. The song comes with heavy tunes and lots of screaming, violent drumming, and metallic bass-slapping appropriately made for headbanging.

XANVALA comprises familiar faces such as former FIXER members Yuhma on guitar, and “70.” on bass. Vocalist Tatsumi, and guitarist Souma are previous members of LIM, while drummer Tomoya is a former Schwarz Kain member who also happened to play as a support member for FIXER.

From left to right: guitarist Yuhma, bassist 70., vocalist Tatsumi, guitarist Souma, and drummer Tomoya

The band started as a session project named SCALA in mid-2019. The quintet became an official band on December 15 when they changed their name to XANVALA, revealing the profile pictures and announcing their first single Azayaka na Moudoku (鮮やかな猛毒). Unfortunately, the single could only be obtained at the band’s first one-man show on January 30. On the other hand, avid fans unlocked the full music video by hitting 200 retweets in the band’s account:

Interestingly, members Yuhma, Nao, and Tomoya are still active in another band called CULA. After the release of CREEPER on March 9, these members will continue activities in CULA but still remain in XANVALA. In case you need a refresher, CULA consists of the three aforementioned members but also the soloist David, formerly known as Sui in the now-disbanded Lin. CULA had their first live show in September 2019 and have two shows scheduled for March this year, including an upcoming release.

Take a look at XANVALA’s member profile pictures:

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