Yoshiki has donated $100,000 through his nonprofit organization Yoshiki Foundation America in support of the victims suffering from the environmental disaster in Australia. Half of the donations will go in favor of the Australian Red Cross to aid the victims of the wildfires currently hitting the country, while the other half goes to the Rainforest Trust’s conservation action fund.

Yoshiki decided to join the cause when he attended this year’s Golden Globe Awards on January 5 and was moved by the outpouring support he saw at the event. In addition, the support provided by his filmmaker friend James Gunn inspired him to take action and expand the mission of his foundation.

Conservation and sustainability are two of my primary concerns. No matter what country you are from we are all one planet. This is an issue that concerns everyone and I hope people will join this cause.

Rainforest Trust is a non-profit organization that relies on the generous support of the public. This organization has been safeguarding imperiled tropical habitats and saving endangered species since 1988 by establishing protected areas in partnership with local organizations and communities.

In 2019, Yoshiki also donated a similar amount to combat the Amazon forest fires, the Kyoto animation fires, and the forest fires in South Korea. Yoshiki has also made donations in favor of the victims of typhoon Faxai, and typhoon Hagibis when he witnessed the force of the storm in person while he was in Japan for a concert and a fashion show.

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