The six-member band Blu-BiLLioN will, unfortunately, disband on April 5 due to the worsening condition of their leader and drummer, Seika. The decision was discussed among all members due to Seika’s illness, dystonia. The drummer has been suffering from severe symptoms of said disease on both legs, and his right arm since a few years ago.

Drummer Seika

Dystonia is a neurological and sometimes painful disorder that causes uncontrollable muscle contractions. This disease has no cure, although its effects can be diminished through various methods to alleviate muscular pain. This includes medicine, physiotherapy, and surgery.

Back in 2018, Seika was diagnosed with dystonia on his right leg. He allowed himself to keep going by using his left foot on the drum pedal until he could no more and had to undergo surgery, as he was unable to play the drums. This forced the band to enter hiatus and stop all live activities until May of 2019 in order to provide enough time for Seika to rest and heal.

In late 2019, the drummer was diagnosed with dystonia also on his right arm. This time around, Seika made up his mind and offered to depart so the rest of the band could continue working. However, the remaining members, after much thought, came to the conclusion that Blu-BiLLioN is a six-member band and they can not leave any member behind. The band made up their mind to complete their upcoming one-man live and ultimately disband.

Blu-BiLLioN’s last one-man tour Contrast will commence on February 29 and conclude on April 5 with a total of 10 performances.

The band lasted for 10 memorable years accumulating three full albums, and 18 singles in their discography. Their best-of album and final release, Best-BiLLioN came out on July 30, 2019, compiling the band’s singles from 2012 up to 2018 for a total of 16 singles, and a beautiful new song, HOME.

Blu-BiLLioN「HOME」Music Clip

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