SCAPEGOAT initially presented us with single Gekkou released on October 30 by publishing artist photos, CD jackets, and details on what we could expect. In conclusion, however, the band now has a music video for it!

In the video, vocalist Haru is seated at a grand piano and is seen playing it elegantly as he sings away in a dimly lit forest. The rest of the band members surround him while performing their respective sections to create this beautiful rock ballad.

Also seen in the video is a single light piercing through the trees and fog and used as a metaphor for the moonlight or Gekkou as it’s known in Japanese. This transitions between Haru in a suit walking through the forest on his lonesome. Its another example of a simple but effective music video.

Gekkou (月光)

Type A


  1. Gekkou (月光)


2019.07.28 SCAPEGOAT ONEMAN in Takadanobaba AREA ‘Utage’

  1. En (縁)
  2. Meimei (メイメイ)
  3. Romancer
  4. at that time the end of the day

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Type B


  1. Gekkou (月光)
  2. Bonjin Hakusho (凡人白書)
  3. Masuku (マスク)

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