Former NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST guitarist Daichi released his first solo work titled Re:tters that was only available at a CHAPTER OF PARADOSIS performance on November 4.

There are six songs in total and to get a sense of what it will sound like, Daichi has uploaded a preview trailer for it!

The first song, Letter from, is full of echoing tones from the guitar work to the vocals with the crash of the drums transporting you to another universe. The song fills in space, enriching the atmosphere, making it one of the more beautiful songs on the release.

Next is a cover of gimme by Vocaloid composer and producer whoo, which stays true to the original but has a unique take that Daichi has applied himself to.

Rooms ventures into a jazzy sound, getting grandiose as the song goes on to combine with Daichi’s soft vocals and piano. It’s a wonderful match and is undoubtedly one of my favorite songs on this record.

in Deep not only has a strong focus on guitar but with the drum rolls and beautiful piano playing, it is yet again another atmospheric number.

Last Dance starts slow but gradually builds to reveal one more jazzy song that, like Rooms, is another favorite and makes for a suitable and pleasurable end.

For those who are not in the know, CHAPTER OF PARADOSIS is a due project established by former NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST guitarists Cazqui, now in nekomanju, and Daichi. Even though the performance is labeled as volume four, this is actually their fifth as they held Chapter of Paradosis: EXTRA at the start of the year.



  1. Letter from
  2. gimme (whoo cover)
  3. Rooms
  4. in Deep
  5. Last Dance

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Twitter (Cazqui)
Twitter (Daichi)

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