Joining the lineup of the Jrock liquor shelf alongside “Y” by Yoshiki, a red wine from Napa Valley, is a collaboration between MIYAVI and Kyoto’s oldest brewery Tsuki no Katsura (月の桂) who will be releasing a new Japanese sake named after the samurai guitarist.

In a black and white making of video casting back to November 2018 when discussions first started for this project, we see MIYAVI at the old brewery that was founded in 1675. Meeting the 14th generation head Tokubei Masuda, MIYAVI observed the process of sake brewing and tasted the product at different stages of its production.

There are four types of wine in total in this collaboration, and orders for the STANDARD and LIGHT version of the sake can be made on his official wine website.

MIYAVI SAKE STANDARD is a pure and elegant rice sake with the perfect balance of refined taste, including the fragrance of fruits, peach and lychee. MIYAVI SAKE LIGHT has a fresh and fruity taste like white wine and it’s a low-alcohol rice sake that can be enjoyed as an aperitif.




Due to be launched in 2020, MIYAVI SAKE PREMIUM is a Junmai Daiginjo Sake that has been aged for over 10 years with an amber color and rich fragrance that makes it a rare gem reminiscent of old tequila and rum. MIYAVI SAKE SPARKLING is a pure rice liquor like champagne that softly foams. It has an exquisite balance of refreshingly sweet and sour and subtle bitterness.

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