FullMooN will release the single Tomoshibi on October 30. This will be their first release as a four-member ensemble since the departure of guitarist Kei. The title song will serve as a look into the bands’ feelings on Kei’s departure and their determination as a four-member ensemble. FullMooN is no stranger to departures. Since their inception in 2008, they have seen many members come and go. However, the band fights on and continues their fight with their latest single. Tomoshibi will feature three new tracks with a mix of hard rock and softer melodies melding into the sound that is FullMooN.

Tomoshibi (燈)


    1. Tomoshibi (燈)
    2. Edge of the World
    3. Change song
    4. Tomoshibi (instrumental)(燈)
    5. Edge of the World (instrumental)
    6. Change song (instrumental)


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