R-Shitei can’t hold their music anymore as they unveiled their new look, and shared their plan to release their second single of the year just a month ago. Now we are able to hear and watch the full music video for CLIMAX, a couple of days prior to its release on September 18.

The single is available in regular, and limited editions, both coming with the title-track, and two accompanying songs. Additionally, the limited edition contains the CLIMAX music video and its making-of.

After the success of their latest single Flashback, R-Shitei brings an equally energetic tune. The band introduces the song by screaming “climax” in unison followed by Mamo’s screaming, and gutturals over a fast-paced heavy instrumental. However, the direction of the sound turns 180 degrees in the chorus as the band brights up the sound, and Mamo shows his clean vocals.

Take a look at the members individual photo shoots to promote their new single:



Regular edition

  2. Abyss Karma (アビスカルマ)
  3. Jinsei Ouka (人生謳歌)

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Limited edition

  1. Climax
  2. Abyss Karma (アビスカルマ)
  3. Jinsei Ouka (人生謳歌)


  1. CLIMAX music video
  2. CLIMAX making of

Buy on CDJapan, HMV or Amazon

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