yonige just made a huge achievement by successfully completing their first performance at the prestigious Nippon Budokan on August 13. The duo now returns with a digital single titled Ojogiwa, and dropped a music video for it. This new material comes a year after the release of their second major album HOUSE. Furthermore, another digital single titled Mitai na Koto will see the light on September 13.

The 8-minute music video is directed by Ryuya Wakaba, who previously appeared as the main actor in yonige’s music video for Revolver. The storyline starts with a radio transmission reporting an accident involving eight injured people. Our protagonist, an old man, has a conversation with his boss who asks him to be more careful with his personal hygiene. Emotional vocals and a groovy bassline are the highlights of the song that starts at the 4-minute mark.

Their second digital single Mitai na Koto will be used as the main theme in the comedy-drama film titled Oishi Kazoku written and directed by debutant Momoko Fukuda. The movie will premiere on September 20.

yonige’s Arisa and Gokkin accompanied by their support guitarist and drummer in front of the Nippon Budokan.


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  1. Ojogiwa (往生際)

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