JAKIGAN MEISTER, the solo project of NIGHTMARE’s guitarist Sakito, released his second album Bhava on May 15 featuring 12 songs in total and a DVD with the music video for Crook. However, it is only now that he’s released another version of the music video for Crook! This sees the man himself dancing about and losing himself to the jazz-tinged song as he plays along, giving you a sort-of playthrough and a fresh perspective on the music video formula.

Check it below along with the song preview trailer for Bhava!

JAKIGAN MEISTER 「Crook」other Ver.

JAKIGAN MEISTER 2nd Album「Bhava」全曲試聴

Sakito’s new look for alum “Bhava”



  1. Bhava (instrumental)
  2. Crook
  3. Ashiharae (あしはらえ)
  4. In Sacrifice
  5. Stargazer (Bhava Mix) (スターゲイザー)
  6. Karma (instrumental)
  7. Rikan Mono (罹患者)
  8. Keiyou Shigatai Hodo Ariamaru Jaki (形容し難いほど有り余る邪気)
  9. Garakuta (Bhava Mix) (我楽多)
  10. Kandata-Kandata- (犍陀多-Kandata-)
  11. From DUSK
  12. ♭(Flat Sign)


  1. Crook Music Video

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