DADAROMA who has been active for five years will finally make their way to Europe for the first time! The band will be attending Japan Expo 2019 in Paris for one concert performance, two acoustic shows, and several signing sessions.

DADAROMA’s live performances are always fun and a little bit crazy, especially if you focus on vocalist Yoshiatsu’s facial expressions. So get pumped up for the band’s big milestone!


July 4

  • Signing event
  • Cooking show guest

July 5

  • Photocall
  • Acoustic show

July 6

  • No appearances on this day.

July 7

  • Acoustic show
  • Photocall
  • Concert

*Please note that the schedule is tentative and is open for future potential amendments.

Get your tickets at Japan Expo’s website.

DADAROMA’s promotion image for their appearance at Japan Expo 2019.

DADAROMA「デンドロビューム」MV Spot

The band also published a new look that isn’t connected with any release or work.

More info:
Official Website
Twitter (Staff)
Twitter (Yoshiatsu) (よしあつ)
Twitter (Takashi) (太嘉志)
Twitter (Tomo) (朋)
Twitter (Ryohei) (諒平)
Instagram (Yoshiatsu) (よしあつ)
Instagram (Tomo) (朋)
Instagram (Takashi) (太嘉志)

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