Just before Mother’s Day, MIYAVI put out the audio version of the collaborative work Where Home Is, featuring his wife Melody on vocals. The song was released on YouTube and the still image coupled with the video shows Melody with their two daughters, taken from the couple’s 10-year anniversary celebration. While the song first debuted two years ago during live shows in 2017, we haven’t actually seen the full song being officially released until today.

Where Home Is was my first collaboration with my wife actually. First of all, I love her voice, but she kind of stepped away from singing for the kids. She’s enjoying the life of a mother but at the same time, it’s a kinda fun project to work with.

You might think that if MIYAVI put out a song about home and family it surely must be one that radiates warmth? But it’s not as simple as that. This song actually takes the approach of what it is like being away from home, the struggles that one goes through when being away from love, safety, and comfort. This is most likely why the song produces a calm sound, but yet unsettling, and it is also no surprise why we have MIYAVI’s wife Melody singing the lyrics.

Everyone leaves eventually, but they never forget. That’s what it means to be where home is.

In our interview with MIYAVI, he revealed that the song is not only about his experience moving away from home, but also about how his children will eventually leave home.

And like what I said, eventually your children leave. Even I left my home when I was 17 years old, I didn’t want to get stuck in my place. But now, with my kids, I got way closer to my parents. So that’s a kind of cycle, so eventually you leave, but no matter what happens, it’s home.

There is always home, as long as you don’t forget, and you have your family in your heart. That’s really authentic—to create something like that with her, because that’s a true feeling and that’s what we’ve been feeling towards our kids as well. They’re gonna eventually leave us, they’re gonna make a family, they’re going to have their own children, and then the babies bring us back together. It’s a long process for everyone, so that’s why I wanted to dedicate that track to everyone who’s suffering or struggling, far away from home.

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I’ve been debating on whether I should post these very private photos or not, but since it was such a happy moment, I finally gave in and decided to share with you all.😊✨We’ve just celebrated our 10 year anniversary and renewed our wedding vows! 💕✨It was a very small gathering of only our closest family and we kept it very simple and true to what we felt was important at this time in our lives. It really was a special time for us, especially that in the recent months, both of our parents finally got remarried and we really wanted to celebrate them also. It was also very nice that our children got to be a part of the whole ceremony and it really turned out to be an extremely memorable day. All that said, we really don’t mean to show off or brag about our relationship. We are not supers and we don’t have it all figured out yet. We are not perfect. But we both were never looking for perfect in each other anyway. What’s more important is how we can be better for each other. Whatever was lacking, the other will try to make up for it, instead of pointing fingers. No expectations. I think that’s what makes us perfect partners.🥰💕We’ve learned to learn from each other and grow together, always in the same direction. We also learn from watching our children, because they are like our mirrors. Also, with the help and advice of our more experienced parents, we get valuable insight and support. We could not have done this without everyone. Here we are, 10 years strong, all because of the support of so many people. We thank everyone from the bottom of our hearts. And I thank my husband for making me a better person over and over and over again. And to all who support our little family, thank you so much for everything!! We love you!💕💕

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