The bassist of Golden Bomber, Utahiroba Jun, is now father to a baby girl!

Being married since 2016 to a non-celebrity, Jun revealed on his blog on May 3 that his newborn baby girl has entered the world! Declaring “welcoming such a little piece of life when the curtain of a new era opened feels like a miracle”, which of course refers to Japan’s new era “Reiwa” that began the first day of May.

He continues by expressing his feelings “as a father, as a human, as an air bassist, from now on I will continue putting my best effort!”.

Despite the good news, Jun hasn’t actually met his daughter yet due to Golden Bomber’s busy tour schedule. We’ll have to wait just a bit more until we see some cute selfies with the family’s latest addition. Also, if you want to congratulate Jun, feel free to share your message in this tweet.

Golden Bomber’s group photo for single “Reiwa”.

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