FOR NEW ARRIVALs has on May 10 released their digital, third single Resolution, out of the album ALONE. The single itself packs three emotional and empowering songs, and out of those, we find the album title-track ALONE included.

ALONE offers a sentimental sound and feel, reminding people how they can overcome tomorrow’s challenges with the love that surrounds and empowers us. This song has also received a music video which appropriately features a lady in solitude. Starting out in a monochromatic color scheme, the music video later grants color by the time the enlightenment enters.

It’s also interesting to point out that the album was mixed and mastered at the TEMAS Studio. This is where we find producer Kira, the brain behind Pay Money to My Pain and MAN WITH A MISSION, who helped to incorporate the band’s catchy, melodic, and hard-edge sound we find in the album and single. Additionally, thanks to the collaboration with XING MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT, you can now find ALONE available at JOYSOUND karaoke in Japan.

From left to right: Guitarist YUTA, drummer KAZZ, vocalist SHOTA, guitarist DAISUKE, bassist YUICHI. Sixth member and composer NAO is not included in the photo.

FOR NEW ARRIVALs is kicking off a domestic tour in June, if you’re around the area, make sure to catch the band!

Resolution Tour

  • June 2 (Sunday), Takamatsu MONSTER
  • June 3(Monday), Matsuyama SALONKITTY
  • June 9 (Sunday), Ogura FUSE
  • June 10 (Monday), Hiroshima CAVE-BE
  • July 1 (Monday), Shibuya STAR-LOUNGE
  • July 02 (Tuesday), Imaike 3STAR
  • July 12 (Friday), Shinsaibashi VARON

More dates to come.


FOR NEW ARRIVALs was originally formed in 2011 by the name “Against All Enemies”, the band’s original release hit number one on the weekly charts and consequentially sold-out in retail stores such as TOWER RECORDS. In 2014, Against All Enemies disbanded due to key members leaving the band, but it wasn’t long until the band re-formed in 2015. They followed up with four releases and a nationwide tour within just two years. Bassist YUICHI joined the band later in October 2017, and in March 2018, guitarist YUTA joined in as well. Unfortunately, due to hearing loss, the band ultimately lost NAO as a guitarist, but he still remains as the band’s music composer. At this point, the band had cemented the currently six-person line-up which later resulted in the release of their second mini-album, Sixth Sense, in June 2018.

The band continued their momentum and had the lead song, Oration, from the aforementioned mini-album, featured as the ending theme song for a TV show. It was also repeatedly played at the convenience store Family Mart, reaching the number one spot on USEN INDIES Ch. Weekly request ranking.

As the music market has shifted towards a more digital and streaming-focused era, the band established their own label E.RING RECORDS with the goal to share their musical message with as many people as possible, by allowing their music to be streamed for free worldwide.



  1. ALONE
  2. refrain
  3. Unfeeling

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