[ALEXANDROS] released a trailer of their song Pray which is packed with footage from the movie Godzilla: King of the Monsters, where the song is featured in. In addition to that, the band also released Pray digitally on May 13, and more recently, the full music video on May 30. It’s a spectacular video so make sure to have a look!

Pray will be serving as the official theme song for the Japanese version of Godzilla: King of the Monsters which is scheduled to hit theatres on May 31. The song its self is a “rock ballad illustrating the notions of human love” which befittingly reflects what emotional strengths the protagonists need when facing the hardships that the film’s plot presents them. Just like [ALEXANDROS]’s usual style, this song is in-line with their balanced use of Japanese and English lyrics.

There’s also an iTunes pre-order exclusive with the digital single also including live footage of their song Arpeggio, being performed on their Sleepless in Japan tour at Yokohama Arena. Arpeggio will also make a soundtrack debut this year on the upcoming PlayStation 4 video game Judgement to be released June 21. This song already has a behind-the-scenes style music video for you to watch:

Update 2019-06-01: The article has been updated to accommodate the release of the full music video Pray.


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  1. Pray


  • iTunes pre-order includes exclusive live footage of “Arpeggio” from Sleepless in Japan tour at Yokohama Arena.

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