A new band under the name gulu gulu resurges from the ashes of dissolved visual kei bands! The band initially started as a solo project by Kuroyuri to Kage‘s vocalist Karasuna Mei and has now become a proper band. They already granted us with a wonderful look and announced that their first release will come in the form of a single titled Henna Merry Go Round, coming out on May 28.

The line-up consists of Karasuna Mei, who decided to change his stage name back to “i (哀)”, as he used to be known as in his previous band Memento-Mori. The rest of the line-up consists of guitarists rito (previously known as kou) and kazari, former members of MIZTAVLA, and llll-Ligro-, respectively. Former Grieva member Hisame, now under the name lanju, will take the bass position. Last but not least, Balalaika’s Katase Kei, now known as “hotaru chan”, will take care of the drums.

The band’s first single Henna Merry Go Round will be available in editions, Mazui (不味い), and Umai (美味い), Japanese terms for “bad taste” and “tasty”, respectively. The differences between both editions comes down to the third track being unique in each edition, as well as the varying cover artwork.

To be able to grab Henna Merry Go Round once it is out, visit CDJapan. Or if you’re in Japan, visit Cross Cat, Jishuban ClubZEAL LINKfiveStars, and little HEARTS to grab the single during specific time to also join the in-store event.

The band will present themselves in person for the first time on April 28 at the Cure World Visual Festival 2019, while their first one-man live will take place at Ikebukuro EDGE on August 12.

Now let us introduce you to gulu gulu’s members through their individual artist photos.

2019-04-26: Article has been updated to reflect the new purchase methods available at CDJapan.

Henna Merry Go Round



  1. Henna Merry Go Round (変なメリーゴーランド)
  2. Kyuukaku Shougai (嗅覚障害)
  3. Mazui Masui (不味い麻酔)

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  1. Henna Merry Go Round (変なメリーゴーランド)
  2. Kyuukaku Shougai (嗅覚障害)
  3. Rubra

Buy at CDJapan

More info:
Official Website
Twitter (i)
Twitter (rito)
Twitter (kazari)
Twitter (lanju)
Twitter (hotaru chan)

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