Finally, all of our prayers have been answered. At long last, a new line of fragrances for jrockers. That’s right, scents that have been heavily inspired by some of the bests artists in the industry will soon be available for your aromatic pleasure! Countless hours have been poured into researching and developing only the best of scents, made from the finest ingredients and inspirations.

As of writing, the pricing and release date has not been announced yet, but we can expect to see the exclusive lineup of four fragrances to grow even more in the future.


Starting the lineup, Lover’s Radiance! Become enraptured with the scents of vanilla and rose petals, with a hint of fried chicken. Become the ultimate seducer with this warm and inviting scent, inspired directly from one of Japan’s biggest musical acts, GACKT.


Inspired by DIR EN GREY’s Kyo, VULGAR. At first, you will get a hint of cigarette smoke with increased complexity that continues with a powerful blast of iron and salt for the blood and sweat that goes into each performance of this legendary vocalist. Get in the pit and wreak havoc!


Let’s not forget the scent of a Samurai! Sandalwood mixes with notes of incense and tattoo ink to bring you straight to the battlefield alongside the guitar samurai himself, MIYAVI.

Ryo (Maximum the Hormone)

Finally, one more scent, Soba. They’ve turned to Ryo from the legendary Maximum the Hormone. You can look forward to an opening trace of ginger followed quickly by notes of sesame, and soy with a smooth finish using a proprietary mixture to achieve the bliss of soba. Take in the scents of Ryo.

We look forward to filling concert halls with these amazing new fragrances and bringing you more news down the line. Snatch them up quickly when they go on sale, we know we will!

Update 2019-04-02: Happy April Fools! :)