DEVILOOF’s heavy and wacky music is a trait that has them stand out in the visual kei music scene, and with every new release, they’re able to show just how much better they can be! I think most of you who listen to DEVILOOF can agree the band is far from reaching their full potential, seeing how their music not only resonates well with our community but also the mainstream western metal scene.

As such, we were quite happy to find out that the famous YouTuber Jared Dines—with over 2.3 million subscribers—who usually make videos related to metal music, happen to hear about DEVILOOF and decided to give them a chance. The music video he ended up with was the latest one, GOUZINZANGOKU, a song Ryo of girugamesh helped produce. His first impression of the band was really good and ended up giving remarks such as:

Oh my God, this is sick! This is super sick!

This is like the heaviest shit I’ve heard in a long time.

It is safe to say Jared was impressed as he closed the segment by asking his viewers to check out DEVILOOF.

See Jared’s reaction for yourself starting at 10:05.

the greatest metal memes EVER 5

Here is the music video by itself.

DEVILOOF - 拷訊惨獄(Official Music Video)

While we’re happy to see DEVILOOF being acknowledged and recommended by people outside of the visual kei community, the video was however included in a “meme compilation video”, where Jared would go through hilarious and silly content.

One of his viewers had recommended him to take a look at DEVILOOF, promoting it as good music “but also weird” (in Jared’s words). Whether that’s a positive or a negative thing, at the end of the day, we’re again happy to see DEVILOOF getting more recognition outside the niche market of visual kei.

More info:
Official Website
Twitter (Keisuke)
Twitter (Aisaku)
Twitter (Daiki)
Twitter (Ray)
Twitter (Kanta)

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