Bassist Qs of Vivarush has been dismissed from the band after violating the terms of his contract. The announcement was made earlier today on the KERBEROS ENTERTAINMENT’s twitter, the band’s record label, along with each member’s personal statement regarding the situation (excluding Qs). You can read our translation of the announcement below.

Important notice concerning Vivarush

Thank you very much for your continued support of Vivarush.

Despite several warnings in the past and after a serious contract violation, we regret to inform the dismissal of the member Qs (bass) has been decided.

In consequence, Vivarush will continue activities as a four-man band, scheduled performances such as lives and in-store events will not be canceled.

Again, we express our deepest apologies for such announcement despite your numerous cheers and support. We look forward to your continued support for Vivarush.

The announcement unfortunately reveals no information on what the breach of contract concerns. Qs has essentially been completely removed from the official Vivarush website, and is not included in the band’s latest promotion image for their upcoming one-man tour. His twitter handle, which used to be “@qs_vr”, is also no longer in use.

The translated individual member message can be read below.

Ruimaru (vocals)

To everyone who have supported Vivarush, I am sorry that we have disappointed you with the dismissal of one of our members.

We repeated again and again, “we’ll fight together as five”, and now it sounds like a lie, I am truly sorry. I feel grateful for having meeting Qs, but even so, I thought to myself, I can’t stop right now.

From now on, we will keep going with the remaining strength of ours, please continue supporting us.

Belle (guitar)

To everyone who have supported Vivarush, I sincerely apologize for such painful announcement.

Losing a partner that we shared pain and joy is a very sad thing, but even if Vivarush’s formation is changing, there are still things I want to protect. As dream seekers, Vivarush will go on.

Please continue supporting us.

Yukimura (guitar)

To Qs… About what I said to you, it was no lie. We met in Osaka, and during the three years being together on stage, there is nothing I regret nor would like to forget.

Sometimes I feel there is almost like a wall between us, some disagreements too, still, I liked you very much, and I still feel the same to this day.

I’ll take your dream with me and realize it for you.

To our “Dreamer”… I am sorry that we couldn’t make such announcement all together in front of you on stage. As I can’t take the risk to lose you, I’ll keep on walking. We’ll bring this band which Qs belonged to to the biggest stage ever, so please keep believing in us.

Pamy (drums)

Please accept our apologies for such announcement.

I love Qs, the fact that we won’t be able to pursue our dream together as five is truly painful.

To everyone who are supporting us, I am really sorry, but we would love your continues encouragement as we move forward.

Band photo of Vivarush as five members. Qs can be found as the third member from the left.

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