MORRIE, the lead vocalist of veteran visual kei bands Dead End and Creature Creature, is returning yet again to New York’s Kraine Theatre on March 26 for another night showcasing his live concert series Solitude. After having played at this venue three times already, fans who have gone before will know what to expect, as each show stays consistent thematically each time—atmospheric and dark.

Aside from having a prolific discography from his bands, MORRIE also has a number of solo works, some released decades ago. On April 19, MORRIE will be adding to that collection of solo works with his new solo album “In the Shining Wilderness”, marking this as his fifth.

From February to March, he will be touring with his solo band promoting the new album. From then on, MORRIE will embark on an expansive solo tour without his band from New York’s show date in March all the way to December! If you’re a fan of MORRIE, this may be the best chance to try and see him live, whether it be in New York or Japan. Tickets for New York can be found here.

“In The Shining Wilderness” Tour

MORRIE’s tour with band.

  • Feb 2 Shinjuku Zirco
  • Feb 3 Shinjuku Zirco
  • Feb 10 Osaka Beyond
  • Feb 11 Osaka Beyond
  • Feb 23 Nagoya Heartland
  • March 4 Tokyo Kinema Club

“Solitude” Tour

MORRIE’s solo-tour.

  • MORRIE Solitude March 26 8:00, Kraine theater, New York City
  • April 20 Yokohama O-Site E045: New Flower, Star and Flesh (新しい花と星と肉)
  • April 20 Yokohama O-Site E046: And Words Bleed (そして言葉は血を流す)
  • May 18 Yokohama O-Site E047: Shadow of Being that is, Nothingness (存在の影、すなわち無)
  • May 18 Yokohama O-Site E048: The Game of Reincarnation (転生のゲーム)
  • June 15 Kyoto Muse E049: The Changes before being a Fetus (胎児になる前の変幻)
  • June 15 Kyoto Muse E050: The most Shining Night (最も仮象の夜)
  • July 6 Sapporo Duce E051: Dummy MORRIE (MORRIE擬き)
  • 0706 Sapporo Duce E052: The Vice of Dream Stairs (夢の螺旋階段の悪徳)
  • Sept 28 Yokohama O-Site E053: I is I that is not I (我は我ならざる我となりて)
  • Sept 28 Yokohama O-Site E054: Dazzling Sole God (めくるめき独神)
  • Oct 26 Nagoya Jammin’ E055: From Beyond the Oblivion (忘却の彼方から)
  • Oct 26 Nagoya Jammin’ E056: Vision-Flower-Star Offering (幻花星を捧げて)
  • Nov 23 Kyoto Muse E057: From Holderlin Tower, No-Mans’ Song (ヘルダーリン塔より、誰でもないものの歌を)
  • Nov 23 Kyoto Muse E058: Speak, Curse, Sing (カタリノロイウタウ)
  • Dec 7 Yokohama O-Site E059:  The Shadow of Light, that is, “I” (光の影、すなわち〈私〉)
  • Dec 7 Yokohama O-Site E060: “I” The Universal Spirit (〈私〉が世界霊魂)

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