(Belated) welcome to February! That’s right, we didn’t forget about you, our dear readers. We just lost track of time for a moment causing a delay with this month’s release schedule. We apologize for any inconvenience, and as always, hope you enjoy the list!

Date Artist Release Title Release Type Comment Details
03 WING WORKS ENTITY Album A double album featuring acts such as GAKU (FEST VAINQUEUR), Cazqui and Daichi (former NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST), YUCHI (sukekiyo) and more. CDJapan
06 Various Artist (V.A.) DJV-dejavu-2 Mini-album Bloom 5th Anniversary SPLIT ALBUM. CDJapan
06 HYDE featuring YOSHIKI Zipang Single Comes in four editions. CDJapan
06 nano Kemurikusa Single nano brings a new single featured as the intro theme to TV anime kemurikusa. CDJapan
06 Codomo Dragon Codomo Dragon 13th Oneman Tour “Dakara Boku wa Nido Sasu.” DVD Features a concert by Codomo Dragon held at EX THEATER ROPPONGI for the first time. CDJapan
06 Monster (モンストロ) Catastrophe Single Monster’s fourth single. CDJapan
06 BATTLE FIELD BULL FIELD Mini-album BULL FIELD, a solo project by Ni-ya of NIGHTMARE; features six tracks. CDJapan
06 Kosai RaveL Moso Rabbit Single Kosai RaveL’s (虹彩☆RaveL) second single. CDJapan
06 NEVERLAND Reincarnation Single Comes in three editions. CDJapan
06 FIXER ERs Album A greatest hits album featuring 21 tracks. CDJapan
11 Kikai Ningyo Ka Gekidan Karkuri Ningyo Sanka Album Features 10 tracks. CDJapan
13 The Benjamin Before Album Features cover songs. CDJapan
13 amazarashi Sayonara Gokko Single amazarashi brings a new release featured as the outro theme to Osamu Tezuka’s signature anime Dororo reboot edition CDJapan
13 ONE OK ROCK Eye of the Storm Album Comes in three editions. Info
13 ACME Acme 1st ONE-MAN TOUR Zessho Oka FINAL at Shibuya CLUB QUATTRO DVD Features the final of ACME’s one-man tour held at Shibuya Club Quattro. CDJapan
13 Gozen Reiji. (午前零時。) Ayashite? (アヤシテ? ) Mini-album Gozen Reiji. (午前零時。) bring a mini-album and single simultaneously. CDJapan
13 Gozen Reiji. Suki Suki Dai Suki Cho Aishiteru. (好き好き大好き超愛してる。) Single CDJapan
13 DIAURA Definition Mini-album Comes intwo editions. CDJapan
13 gremlins mischiveous Mini-album gremlins’s first mini-album. CDJapan
13 les Lizz The Snowland Single Comes in two editions. CDJapan
13 ZENSAI BOYS Ikinari ZENSAI Single Features three songs. CDJapan
13 Plastic Tree Zoku B Men Gaho (続 B面画報) Album a B-track collection featuring 21 tracks from 2008 to 2018. CDJapan
19 Various Artists (V.A.) Apresguerre Fukkan 10 Book Features interviews featuring popular acts such as Kra, yohiaco, and Dancho of No GoD. CDJapan
19 Vivarush Vivarock Single Vivarush’s fifth single; comes in three editions. CDJapan
20 Golden Bomber Gagagagagagaga Single Golden Bomber brings a single featuring the main theme song for the TV drama series Tokusatsu Gagaga. Info
20 Belle Zokuzoku Kane ga Nattara Jiken ga Okiru (続々・鐘が鳴ったら事件が起きる) Mini-album Comes in two editions. CDJapan
21 Cure April 2019 Issue Magazine Features articles from various visual kei artists. CDJapan
27 Zero [Hz] ZELM Album Comes in two editions. CDJapan
27 MAD Night Onihana (鬼華) Single MAD Night’s first single. CDJapan
27 Mikansei Alice Mikansei no Hajimari DVD Music video collection featuring 9 videos. CDJapan
27 Rides In ReVellion [Films Of “Genesis” 2015-2018] DVD Rides In ReVellion brings a music video collection, including all the music videos released up to this time as well as a song selected based on fan vote. CDJapan
27 UVERworld Touch off Single UVERworld brings the first single in 2019 featuring an intro theme song of anime series “The Promised Neverland.” CDJapan
27 FTISLAND Autumn Tour 2018 -Pretty Girl- at NIPPON BUDOKAN BR/DVD Features the final of FTISLAND’s “Autumn Tour 2018 -Pretty Girl-” held at Nippon Budokan on September 28, 2018. CDJapan
27 Matenrou Opera Human Dignity Album Comes in two editions. CDJapan

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