Guitarist SYU from the band GALNERYUS reveals his new masterpiece Reason in form of a music video, featuring strong vocals by Fuki who is a big name in the Japanese doujin metal scene. The music video was released in relation to SYU’s anticipated solo album Vorvados that was released today, on January 23.

As expected from the technical and skillful guitarist, SYU puts on an explosive show while surrounded by fire with his star-shaped guitar. The song Reason also sounds just as you would expect from something produced by the guitarist of GALNERYUS; it is energetic, comes with fast-paced drum work, and includes outstanding powerful vocals! Not to forget the solo guitar part that enriches the song with the essence of power metal.

Album Vorvados does not only have Fuki as the guest performer but includes other well-known artists from the visual Japanese rock scene too. The full list of the contributing artist consist of:

  • Fuki on vocals, track 2, and 8.
  • Sono from Matenrou Opera on vocals, track 3.
  • HARUKA from TEARS OF TRAGEDY on vocals, track 4, and 10.
  • Dancho from NoGoD on vocals, track 5.
  • AKANE LIV from LIV MOON on vocals, track 6.
  • DOUGEN from THOUSAND EYES on vocals, track 6.
  • Masatoshi “SHO” Ono from GALNERYUS on vocals, track 9.
  • YUHKI from GALNERYUS on keyboard, track 3, 4, and 9.
  • Jacky Vincent from CRY VENOM on guitar, track 5.

How’s that for a line-up? We think it is quite impressive, to say the least.



  3. Koko de kugire to tenshi wa utau
  4. Akatsuki
  5. Euphoria
  6. Chaotic Reality
  8. AndroiDedication
  9. Aishou
  10. Mikansei no tsubasa
  11. Blessing

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