When seeing passionate street performers giving their best to promote themselves in an industry that is filled with tough competition, it really hits a soft spot and I can’t help to acknowledge their effort and enthusiasm. Unfortunately, in the streets of Tokyo in Akihabara, there was one man who didn’t share the same view and went as far as performing a horrible distasteful act.


On a windy night, a man approaches a street musician by the name of Misato Koide to buy her very first single. He humbly hands her a 1000 yen bill and receives the CD. For a moment, his body language speaks gratitude, but in a split second the situation turns 180 degrees when he purposely drops the CD and stomps it with force right in front of her, producing a loud cracking noise. This happens just as Misato Koide was able to finish her sentence “Thank you very much”, laughter can then be heard by the person who is filming.

The 30-second video—which has now over 4 million views and been retweeted over 10 thousand times—caused an uproar online. Some showing disgust, “This is the most disgusting video I’ve ever seen.” and some going as far as wanting to fight fire with fire, “I’d like to pay 1,000 yen to stomp on you!”.

The man in question is apparently an entity who is against street musicians and think of it as nothing but noise. He believes by condemning these acts it will “protect the ears of the people of Japan”.

Even with all the negativity, we have been able to find some positive outcome from this situation. People who have come across the video now turned to Misato Koide’s YouTube channel and showered her with supportive comments. Her Twitter followers have also grown by thousands!

When she released the single back in December, her initial goal was to sell 500 copies, so if you want to show your support, go get yours today!

Misato Koide performing live with her band Good By Gloomy.

Source: SoraNews24

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