After a generous amount of single releases since their debut in 2017, Mamireta (まみれた) has at long last announced the release of their first mini-album weekly Zetsurin Mansion (weekly 絶倫マンション). The album will be released March 27 and unlike their compilation album Sei (逝), weekly Zetsurin Mansion comes with all new songs!

There will be seven new tracks, each labeled as a day of the week with sub-headings that possibly link to routine activities a young man may partake in his daily life—well, at least activities that Mamireta sings about regularly partaking in. Could Mamireta be giving you a glance into their daily lives and doings?

Promotion image for Mamireta’s live show “MAMIRETA MAXIMUM IMPACT -Mukan no Teioo-” in Zepp Diver City.

To commemorate the release of the album and their second anniversary, Mamireta will perform a one-man live N (ん) on May 29 at Takadanobaba AREA, Tokyo. This wasn’t the only live performance announced, as they made an anticipative announcement of their live MAMIRETA MAXIMUM IMPACT -Mukan no Teioo- planned for January 21, 2020—it’s refreshing to see such an eager attitude for their future.

Alongside the album release, the band has also made an interesting project announcement with the introduction of their three-month-limited session band Bombers (ボンバーズ) which will be comprised of all the current members in Mamireta. There has already been a tour announced for Bombers with eight Japanese tour dates for this year, spanning over two months, February and March—this leaves another month of mystery activities to yet be announced!

It has been kept a mystery as to what this session-band project will bring but there is a promise that it will be “explosive”. Find further tour date details in the Twitter update below:

For our readers who have yet to be exposed to the bratty punk-ass behavior of Mamireta, here’s an introduction into who they are and the releases you shouldn’t pass up. Mamireta debuted in May 2017 and since then have released eight singles and one full-length singles compilation album. So far, Mamireta has exhibited their tongue-in-cheek and unsympathetic bratty attitudes through this series of bawdy and foul-mouthed releases—leaving an impression similar to the punk genre of 1970s Britain. But let’s not get them mistaken with punk icon Sid Vicious; Mamireta has real instrumental talent, so let’s take a peek at some of their releases that demonstrate this.

Tabetai (食べたい) is Mamireta’s debut single and it really set the scene for their style and pace of music. Much like the song title refers—translating to “I want to eat”—this simple video focuses on the gluttonous behavior of the members:

Ojamashimasu (お邪魔します) or “I will disturb you” is a song titled after an expression commonly used when visiting someone at their home. However, it’s not a house they will be imposing on in this song—if the lyrics don’t make it obvious, you may be able to gather the meaning from the props used within the video.

There are also shorter songs like “Cause of Death: don’t know” (死因:わからん) that compact the same amount of attitude and catchy rhythm into a smaller package:

The final song on the list, Ore o hitsuyou to suru hito wa kono yo no naka ni inai yo (俺を必要とする人はこの世の中に居ないよ), is their most recent release and as one commenter on the music video put it, “This is the most melodic (and least deranged) thing they’ve ever done…”—so sit back and gaze in wonder at its normalcy.

weekly Zetsurin Mansion


Regular edition


  1. Monday: Asadachi no Asa Ni(月曜日: 朝勃ちの朝にー。)
  2. Tuesday: Hamigaki (火曜日: ハミガキ)
  3. Wednesday: Gepp (水曜日: Gepp)
  4. Thursday: Moshi Moshi (木曜日: もしもし)
  5. Friday: Aura no Tenshi (金曜日: 足裏の天使)
  6. Saturday: Sakura Ferapechiino (土曜日: 桜フェラペチーノ)
  7. Sunday: Tameiki no Yoru Ni (日曜日: ため息の夜にー。)

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