Chanty has announced on an entry blog made on their official ameblo that guitarist Chitose will be departing after being part of the band since their formation in mid-2013. Chitose’s last performance with Chanty will be on April 10 at Takadanobaba Club Phase. The remaining members of Chanty will later report on their upcoming activities as the future of the band is not clear at the moment.

Initially, the reason behind Chitose’s decision was explained in Chanty’s ameblo. This reads that the guitarist has found the opportunity to take another challenging path to follow outside music. Later on, Chitose himself confirmed on his personal blog that the real reason for his withdrawal is his mother’s condition, who was diagnosed with cancer. Due to this tragic reason, Chitose has decided to leave Chanty in order to take care of his mother, and even decided to learn cooking.

Chitose also shared that he considered stopping playing guitar even though he loves it. However, his family, friends, and other musicians stopped him from doing so and encouraged him to keep playing. He concluded that he will try to find balance between his passion for music and taking care of his mother after leaving Chanty.

Back in 2017 it shocked us to hear about Shia’s withdrawal so we are very sad to hear that Chanty will lose yet another member. We hope the best for the band and Chitose, and wish the guitarist’s mother will overcome this unfortunate situation soon.

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