That’s right, you can hear the beautifully melodic voice of the multi-talented Azusa Tadokoro as the ending theme song in the popular anime “That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime” (Tensei shitara Slime Datta Ken), with her latest single Little Soldier. The single will release on January 23, and in a similar fashion to her previous work for the anime Baki, Little Soldier will come in two editions, an artist edition, and an anime edition.

The song just debuted in the anime, but we can already delight ourselves with the full music video as opposed to the shortened 90-second version found in the anime. In the music video, Azusa Tadokoro takes us through a peaceful town along with two curious children while singing the cheerful song.

田所あずさ / リトルソルジャー -Music Video-

Little Soldier is set to be an amazing track with the likes of Shota Horie from PENGUIN RESEARCH who arranged the track. He’s known for previously working alongside the talents of LiSA, nano, Gero, and ZAQ.

Tadokoro seems to be delivering on her refresh to her career and drumming up a great deal of excitement in the anisong world while being featured in some of the more popular shows airing season to season. One thing is for sure, your time to pre-purchase a copy is “fleeting” as the release date is fast approaching!

Little Soldier

Artist edition


  1. Little Soldier (リトルソルジャー)
  2. Slow Regret (スロウリグレット)
  3. Nani mo nai Watashi ni wa (何もない私には)

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Anime edition


  1. Little Soldier (リトルソルジャー)
  2. Slow Regret (スロウリグレット)
  3. Little Soldier (リトルソルジャー) (Off Vocal)
  4. Slow Regret (スロウリグレット) (Off Vocal)

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