In a brief announcement made by GANSHIN today, it has now been revealed that Kizu has joined the family of the Europe-based record label, GANSHIN Records. What this essentially means is an increasement of availability of the band’s music, and for now, we’ve been promised three of Kizu’s singles that will be brought to the digital market in the near future.

Almost exactly a year ago, we also saw THE MICRO HEAD 4N’S join the label which resulted in a lot more engagement with the overseas fans through social media. We hope Kizu will follow suit with a similar approach considering the great potential of this relatively new band.

If you haven’t had a listen to their music yet, now is the time!

Third single, Kizuato:

キズ 3rd SINGLE「傷痕」MV FULL

Fourth single, Steroid:

キズ 4th SINGLE「ステロイド」MV FULL

Upcoming fifth single, “0”:

キズ 5th SINGLE「0」収録「悪い夢」(映画『メサイア ー幻夜乃刻ー』OP)予告編

More info:
Official Website
Twitter (Staff)
Twitter (Lime) (来夢)
Twitter (reiki)
Twitter (Yue) (ユエ)
Twitter (Kyonosuke) (きょうのすけ)
Instagram (Lime) (来夢)
Instagram (Kyonosuke) (きょうのすけ)

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