DEXCORE has released the single Brain Washing on November 14 and also revealed a music video for the title-track, where we question the band’s sanity as they switch between the dark and the light side.

The music video sees DEXCORE perform in the woods, fully dressed in white. As it comes to close, however, the video goes fuzzy, vocalist Kagami pig squeals and the band’s clothing turns black. Then transitioning to a dark and heavy breakdown.

Brain Washing comes in a regular and limited edition, where the regular edition comes with three songs in total, while the limited only has two and a DVD with the music video and making-of Brain Washing added. A digest for the single was recently released, showing off the other two songs HEY!! Cockroaches. and Naked. It shares a similar style to what we’ve heard in their previous works, but there’s nothing wrong with more of a similar thing at all.

They have also revealed artist photos to promote the release with all the members completely in white, amidst a sea of trees.

DEXCORE’s entirely white costuming for “Brain Washing”

Brain Washing

Regular Edition


  1. Brain Washing
  2. HEY!! Cockroaches.
  3. Naked

Buy at CDJapanHMV or Amazon

Limited Edition


  1. Brain Washing
  2. HEY!! Cockroaches.


  1. Brain Washing (Music Video)
  2. Brain Washing (Music Video Making-of)

Buy at CDJapanHMV or Amazon

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