In July, the Japanese animation studio “MAPPA” released the violent and controversial anime series called Banana Fish, but there was something else about the show that ignited even more controversy. That brings us to the ending theme song Prayer X by the four-man band, King Gnu, who take us on a journey of mental health problems in their new dark music video.

In the music video Prayer X, King Gnu takes an abstract and animated approach to mental health topics such as paranoia, anxiety, depression, and suicide.

The setting is in a grey monotonous world where the main character is trapped inside a repetitive schedule which slowly drives him insane. With the fresh yet somber sound of Prayer X, you find yourself moving to the beat of the song—just like the characters in the music video—yet in juxtaposition, you’re also saddened by the bleak symbolism.

The band, originally named Srv Vinci (Saver Vinci), reformed as King Gnu in 2017. They released a full album, Tokyo Rendez-Vous, on October 25, and are now back with their single Prayer X which will go on sale on September 19. The official music video for Prayer X is directed by Ryoji Yamada.

To see this controversial music video, look below!

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