DIAURA has set the release date for their fourth mini-album, titled DEFINITION, out on February 13, 2019, but other than that, no other details have been revealed.

The band has also updated their artist photos, however, that see the band in avant-garde clothing as they pose alongside the city lights from far and above.

From right to left, bassist Shoya with a jacket and harness underneath it, drummer Tatsuya wears a fishnet top, and vocalist yo-ka puts on a leather jacket and a scarf over his head. This is while guitarist Kei has straps covering his face, a mask on his thigh and pipes going around his arms.

Check out the artist photo’s below!


  • Tracklist to be announced

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More info:
Official Website
Twitter (yo-ka)
Twitter (Kei) (佳衣)
Twitter (Shoya) (翔也)
Twitter (Tatsuya) (達也)
Instagram (Shoya) (翔也)
Instagram (Tatsuya) (達也)
Blog (Staff)

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