Crossfaith launched a bazooka into our faces with a super heavy track titled The Perfect Nightmare with a glitchy VHS style video. Fleshed out with some meaty guitar effects, vocals alike the growls of starved forest wolves and a double dose of drums on speed, it’s everything a healthy Crossfaith fan needs. If there are children around, turn down the volume, and let’s get to it:

The glitchy effects matched with surreal 3D game visuals from the early 2000’s pairs well with the heaviest track in their entire discography, and you’ll soon be hearing more from them as they’ve announced that this will be featured on an upcoming album. It honestly took us by surprise, and don’t forget that they’ll be playing Europe so you can feel the full force in flesh:

Shows in Russia, Austria, Germany, France, UK and Ireland.

What did you think of the track and are you hyped for their new album? Let us know in the comments below.

The Perfect Nightmare

Digital single

  1. The Perfect Nightmare

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