Yesterday, we have showcased some of Moi-même-Moitié’s newly released items. Today, we finally bring you what you have been waiting for. Let’s dive into it without stalling; we have had the great honor to talk to Mana about various things, from his recent overseas activities, the current state of lolita fashion, to some of his favorite things you may not have been aware of!

Thank you, Mana, for the honor of interviewing you. We have many readers who are intrigued to hear more about your upcoming Europe visit, so we’ll start with that. You will be making an appearance at Eternal Twilight in Finland this September. Unlike Sakura-Con, this is an entirely Lolita-focused event—what are your expectations of it?
Precisely because the entire event is focused on Lolita fashion I’m really looking forward to it so much so that my heart is pounding. I’m already excited to see how the attendees interpret Lolita fashion and make it their own.

The VIP tickets for the privilege of meeting with you sold out within seconds. People seem to be very excited to welcome you back in Europe. Are you excited to return to Europe after so many years?
There is so much beauty that is unique to Europe and doesn’t exist in Japan, for example, the cityscapes and such, so just watching the scenery is extremely soothing to me. I’m also really looking forward to trying lots of different dishes and excited to see what I will get to eat while staying in Finland. To me, being able to try regional delicacies is bliss.

You have recently visited Seattle to promote Moi-même-Moitié at Sakura-Con; it seems that it went well. Tell us about your experience in Seattle; did anything stand out to you while you were there?
We had our first overseas fashion show there and having so many different Elegant Gothic Lolitas as models were very refreshing. Up until now, I’d only done live shows, so having the audience sit down and watch over me walking down the runway was so much fun even though I was a little nervous.

What do you like best about traveling overseas, is there anything you particularly dislike, or any horror stories from your travels?
I always want to do sightseeing if time permits. I want to admire extraordinary scenery that can’t be found in Japan as much as possible. I also love to eat regional specialties. As I’m not very picky with food, I don’t have any problems finding something to eat wherever I go. I want to be greatly surprised! As for peculiar incidents, maybe it’s because I have long hair, but sometimes people are surprised when I enter the men’s room.

Is there any place you would particularly like to visit?
There is a Japanese movie set in Finland called Kamome Diner. I really like it for its relaxed atmosphere, it always calms me down. I’d like to visit the places where the movie has been filmed if I have the chance. I’d also love to visit Olavinlinna castle, which the castle from Dragon Quest is said to be modeled after.

Moi-même-Moitié has recently been involved in a collaboration with KAMIJO and Hatsune Miku, for which Moitié is producing a real-life version of Miku’s gorgeous Gothic Lolita outfit. How did this collaboration come to be? Would you care to tell us more?
I was contacted by KAMIJO, who told me he was doing a Gothic & Lolita-style collaboration with Hatsune Miku. He suggested that if Moi-même-Moitié were to actually make the outfit, that world would really come to life. I thought it was an interesting idea so we participated in the project.

This year you are celebrating Malice Mizer’s 25th anniversary; however, we have not seen any new musical work from your solo project Moi dix Mois since 2012. Is there anything we could be looking forward to in the near future, or have you decided to focus your time on Moitié?
I can’t talk about anything specific at the moment, but I’m currently planning all sorts of things! Please look forward to what the future will bring.

With the recent re-release of the Lace Cross JSK, and other print re-releases, such as the phone cases with some of Moitié’s popular prints—are there any more items you would personally like to see re-released?
Personally, I want to release more accessories for everyday use and interior/home goods.

Moitié used to produce quite a variety of gorgeous platform shoes. However, we have not seen Moitié shoes in a very long time. Do you think there would be a possibility that the shoes could ever make a comeback?
We don’t currently have any concrete plans, but since platform shoes are essential items for EGL it would be great if we were able to release them again!

Are there any specific Moitié items that you frequently wear or use in your daily life?
I’m actually currently using our newly released wallet in my everyday life. We focused on pockets and making it easy to use, so it’s quite convenient.

Lolita style has clearly evolved over the years. If you were to compare the Moitié of the first few years after its foundation to the Moitié of now, do you see any differences? If so, what would they be?
We reconsidered our sizing since we wanted our items to be worn worldwide.
For example, we started adding shirring to our dresses in order to have as many people as possible wear them while releasing only one size.

What do you think the future holds for Moitié? Is there anything you’d like to see Moitié do in the future, or any new collaborations?
I want the whole world to know more about Moi-même-Moitié and this Elegant Gothic Lolita culture that was born in 1999. I also want to actively participate in events and such in future.

We can see it recently that while in western Japan-loving communities Lolita fashion is still rather popular, among Harajuku kids, the amount of people wearing Lolita fashion and similar styles appears to be declining in favor of other styles. Have you noticed this? How do you feel about it?
Gothic Lolita and the people who love this culture are forever, and I will continue to protect this world.

Let us finish on a somewhat light-hearted note. Devoted fans certainly do know this; we notice that among other things, you seem to be rather fond of Snoopy. What draws you to like this particular mascot? How many Snoopy-themed items do you own? Do you have a favorite?
I slept with a blue Snoopy blanket when I was a child, so I think I just naturally became very fond of it. I have so many Snoopy-themed items I can barely count them all, as I always receive them as presents from all of you. I think what draws me to the character the most is the carefree atmosphere, which I find very soothing. I often use a Snoopy tea set when I’m having tea.

Would you care to leave a parting message for the JRN readers?
It’s been a long time since I’ve been to Europe! Please keep loving Gothic Lolita culture.

I want to meet everyone as soon as possible!

We are utterly honored to have had the opportunity to talk to Mana about all these things. Our thanks goes to Mana and of course the amazing Moi-même-Moitié staff.

How about you, did you enjoy reading the interview? Were you aware of how Mana feels about Snoopy? Where do you think Lolita fashion is headed?

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