It’s another unusual sounding track from Gesu no Kiwami Otome who have uploaded a music video for Onna Wa Kawaru (オンナは変わる) from their fourth album Sukinara Towanai (好きなら問わない). This album will come out on August 29 but you can already stream Onna Wa Kawaru on many popular apps. I don’t know what your parents told you about bringing sand indoors, but see the band playing around a sandcastle on the carpet:

What did you think? I personally like the drummer’s style.

Coming back to the other tracks, Tatakatte Shimau yo will be used in a TV commercial promoting an action game, Clash Royal and Sassou to Hashiru Tonegawa-kun will be the opening theme for anime Interim Management Record Tonegawa (中間管理録トネガワ). There’s not much to say about this as there is still a couple of months till the full album is released, but we expect something different from these experimental folks.

Sukinara Towanai

Limited edition


  1. Onna Wa Kawaru
  2. Hashagi Sugita Machi no Naka de Boku wa Hitori Toumawari Shita
  3. Image Senrijak
  4. Mo Setsunai to wa Iwasenai
  5. Tatakatte shimau yo
  6. sad but sweet
  7. Boku wa geinoujin janai
  8. Sassou to Hashiru Tonegawa-kun
  9. Genge
  10. Watashi Igai Watashi Janai no (Remix by PARKGOLF)
  11. Maneka Renaikara yo
  12. White Waltz (adult ver.)
  13. Aomi


  • Includes live footage of “MTV Unplugged: Gesu no Kiwami Otome.” Held on March 25 at Toyosu PIT in Tokyo !!

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Regular edition

11 tracks to be announced.

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